“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young. Instead, set an example…”

1 Timothy 4:12 CEB

Student Education

Many articles, blogs, and books have been and are devoted to studying the question, “Why are young people leaving the church?”

This question weighs on the minds and hearts of parents, grandparents, church members, and church leaders alike. Studies show that two key things tend to influence the faith transmission to students more than others: 1) the genuine faith practice of their parents, & 2) knowing (and trusting) five adults in a church community (who are not their parents). While other factors certainly weigh in, at First Baptist we approach student ministry with those factors in mind.

Our student ministry is designed around a discipleship model for all students.

We are geared toward really getting to know a small group of students and walking them through the student journey—no matter the stage of student! Since we are so close to Lincoln Memorial University (LMU), FBC seeks to disciple whatever students are present in our congregation—middle & high school, undergraduate, or graduate/professional students. Throughout the year, we also do a few special fellowship activities specifically designed to deepen our student’s faith and their connection to other FBC members who will love them, cheer them on, and walk with them on this journey of life and faith. Our motto in FBC Student Ministry is to “Love God, Love People.” This is what we strive to learn better each and every time we gather.

The Christian formation and education of students is important to us, and it’s something we do well.

Rev. dr. Kristy Bay, Chair of the Student Ministry Committee, REV. ZACH BAY, SENIOR PASTOR, and a team of adult volunteers lead a discipleship-based program for STUDENTS OF ALL STAGES.

Student Fellowship Activities

Revs. Zach and Kristy Bay host a small group for church youth (grades 6-12) from 5-7 PM monthly. Sometimes it’s pizza and Bible study at their home. Sometimes it’s bowling at Hillcrest Lanes in Harrogate. For more information, email Rev. Zach Bay.

For college and graduate/professional students, Revs. Zach and Kristy Bay, plus other FBC members, host get-togethers during the school year. We want to provide college and grad/professional students with support and breaks from the rigors of higher education. For more information, email Rev. Dr. Kristy Bay.