Friends of BCDC

“…I was in prison, and you comforted Me.”

Matthew 25:36 The Voice

Each week, Revs. Jim Woodring and Zach Bay visit the inmates at the Bell County Detention Center in Pineville, KY, to connect with those members of our community who are incarcerated and in need of pastoral care.

While we and they recognize the mistakes they’ve made, we strongly affirm that they are included among the people of God, bearing the image of God as all human beings do. Jim and Zach offer Commonwealth of Kentucky certified Healthy Relationships and Anger Management courses in the cells of BCDC each week.

Additionally, Rev. Jim Woodring offers Healthy Relationships counseling out of the church house by appointment. To make an appointment with Jim, contact the church office at 606-248-2637.

Occasionally, Rev. Zach Bay will put out a notice to the congregation of a need that our friends in the Bell County Detention Center have.

It could be folders to keep their files in, devotional literature or magazines, books or Bibles, or games to pass the time in one of Kentucky’s most overcrowded jails. Please watch the for these notices, and bring donations by the church office (M-F, 9 AM to 1 PM) as you are able.

As Jesus said, “…I was in prison, and you comforted Me.”